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The return of the bucket hat

Next season you will see the Bucket Hat everywhere, including your closet.

If it becomes fashionable to wear Pamela in winter, we put them on. If the shoulder pads come back, we transport ourselves to the eighties, because if the bucket hat that you laughed at your mother comes back four years ago because it looked like a mushroom, well, hey, you're not going to be the only one this fall-winter 2019 season doesn't Have your fisherman's hat.

That's right, the typical fisherman's hat returns and makes it stronger than ever. We are all going to take it no matter how much we now deny but ... where does this curious garment come from?

Well, its exact origin is in Ireland, back in 1900, when fishermen went fishing in Atlantic waters and had to protect themselves from rain during the winters, but when it stopped raining, it only occupied a jacket pocket.

From Ireland, I move on to the British high society that started using it to go for walks in the countryside or go fishing. Later, in 1940, American soldiers wore it as part of the uniform in the Vietnam War and, in fact, even today, a cap of the same style remains a part of the US Marines uniform.

In 1960 it began to be used among women and began to become popular until ten years later Sean Connery appeared in Indiana Jones with a bucket hat and rappers began to wear it as part of their costumes in the video clips. From there there was no turning back and the bucket hat had already sneaked into all our closets.

And although it seemed a fashion that was no longer going to have a return, here it is again. And if the "ugly sneakers" went viral, so will the "ugly hats" and if not wait until next season to see them everywhere, including your closet.

From its origin in 1900 until today, all aspects, fabrics and shapes have been made and for having; Cotton, denim, waterproof, wide-brimmed, narrow-brim ... for all tastes and all of them are now available on the JD Sports website.




Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  29 August, 2019



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