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better care of your skin in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not too cold in winter, in the wet season to protect the sensitive skin of women in Hong Kong is facing the problem of women, dry, peeling and itching these common autumn and winter must be sensitive to the basic state from the basic.

Dry weather Facial articles: clean skin care must be started by the wash face, especially in the winter, the use of moisturizing success or non-oily skin cleansing products used in particular, Facial blood circulation, and lips may be dry because of the winter peeling, so wash the face when trying to avoid excessive force.

Common market frosted products, in the autumn and winter season should reduce the number of times, because the skin is fragile and delicate to avoid the deterioration of the peeling problem.

The Consumer Council made a test on the moisturizing level of skin care brands in the last month. Two months ago, it did a test on the sensitive ingredients of skin care brands. Although there was no product data on this brand, consumers could understand the ingredients used in the brand "Even the two off" the United States brand Shu skin (Xiaobian because the acne side Qingsheng dermatologists are recommended), the price from HK $ 80-400 range, to South Korea can purchase, because this brand of Korean supermarkets The price is half of Hong Kong !, also NIVEA and OLAY these two brands, although Xiao Bian has not been used, but still on them even had two reports of the Consumer Council is more at ease!


Photo By : YMOS on  17 December, 2016


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