latest work of the young photographer Víctor Álvarez  -
"The Power of Pink"  


Do not miss the last work of the young photographer Víctor Álvarez with his team. "The Power of Pink" is a fashion editorial that shows us that pink is one of the colors with more possibilities and visual power of the entire color range.

“The Power of Pink” x Víctor Álvarez

Photography: Víctor Álvarez

Styling: Irache Rubial

MUAH: Pilar Vilas for ICON

Model: Petra Arias 


The editorial “The Power of Pink” presented by Víctor Álvarez with his team contains brands such as Carmen March, Angradema, Tom-Hom, Angel Schlesser, Just-Ene, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Ailanto among others…

Photo Above: Petra is wearing a Tot-Hom dress


Photo Above: Petra wears Ailanto's suit

Photo Above: Petra wears Carmen March shirt and pants + Angradema Shoes

Pink is a gentle, soft and deep color.Like the rest of the colors, the chromatic variable of this is infinite and each of its tones can transmit different sensations when our eyes capture it.

Photo Above: Petra wears top, pants and coat of Angel Schlesser + Just-Jan Shoes


Photo Above: Petra is dressed as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada + Angradema Shoes

Photo Above: Petra wears Carmen March dress + Angradema Booties


The history of pink in the field of fashion has several important points beginning in the 18th century when the European bourgeoisie made pastel colors fashionable. Its association with the "feminine" does not come until after World War II when society accepted a change that came from the hands of  retails  and that occurred not only in clothing but also in toys. Well, nonsense from the past to part, thanks to the evolution in the minds of society, human stupidity has gone In Decrescendoand it seems that men are increasingly using pink both in clothes and accessories without the typical comment of "Pink? If that's girls. ”.





Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  1 January, 2019



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